Changing Negative Perceptions

Creating a positive difference in our communities
Changing negative perceptions

Creating a positive difference

GMI Detailed Operations

Literature Projects.

We have Goodness & Mercy Devotionals online and printed available in English. GMI distributes any kind of good literature that will benefit the said communities in question. Year 2014 saw the distribution of the first printed Devotional booklet. You can reach us on Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Blog, Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch and engaged. We also have Rise & Shine Inspirational Newsletter. Visit and get inspired!

Education Matters.

Sponsor a child & empower communities.

Members of the GMI are encouraged to identify in their different communities and sphere of influences needy children and help them in whatever way they can, especially education. GMI seeks to sponsor children as well as connect them to sponsors around the world. Current Programmes running (sponsor a child -

Self-Sustaining Projects.

These projects are aimed at empowering communities economically to be able to educate their children, wade off poverty and live a self-sustainable livelihoods. Training on (but not limited to)Detergents Production, Peanut Butter Production, Farming-Poultry, Piggery, Rabbits, Goat, Cattle Rearing etc.

Internal Lending and Saving.

We were inspired to create a positive difference on life sustaining projects after attending the Internal Savings and Lendings (ISAL) Training by the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Skills Development. The ISAL involves doing small businesses combined with saving and loaning to members. We embark on trading as well as producing items with our own hands and selling. At the same time it helps in maintaining a disciplined money saving habit and providing with short term loan. We discovered that both young and old people have wonderful ideas but no capital. This project will help members become financially self-sufficient.

Women Targeted Projects.

Some women still depend on men for a living. They suffer greatly when the man is not present or is not responsible. At GMI we initiate income generative schemes to all especially women so that they can be self-reliant financially. After this they will be able to support their families and even help their husbands. Women embark on small businesses and any other thing that generates income. We do this by forming women groups in various communities and empowering them with tools. We also hold seminars and workshops, generally inviting every woman to benefit from what we offer. We call resource persons from other organizations to come and give the lectures and trainings.